Who cares about security and privacy

Digital Asset most certainly does.

Hi, I’m Edward Newman, Chief Security Officer for Digital Asset. I’ve been part of the DA family for over four years after working in Financial Services.

I care a lot about the security of Digital Asset, our clients and partners data, the services we use and depend upon, and the security of our products and our staff. Happy to discuss how the DA Security Team think about security and to hear what other areas you care about.

We have many highly experienced staff across the firm with deep knowledge in designing and developing secure products and a culture where staff are encouraged to let us know if things don’t look right.

We challenged ourselves to pass the SOC2 examination to demonstrate our security processes and practices. We have set ourselves the goal to get to ISO 27K.

Also I spend time as IT Admin, DevOps, Cloud Architect across AWS, GCP and Azure to keep up to date with latest technology and identifying areas for us to focus on.

I find security is similar to another passion of mine, sailing, in that you need to adjust to the changing conditions around you and understand the myriad technicalities of the boat, trim, wind, tides, course and sail plan to get the best performance.

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