Daml Developer Monthly – February 2021

Our Daml Developer Monthly for February is out: check it out here :point_down:

What’s New

Diversity is an important initiative at Digital Asset as we work to increase both our own diversity and that of the sectors we work in. As part of that initiative we are holding a virtual panel discussion where some of our top women leaders will be discussing how they got to where they are, the challenges they’ve faced, tips to accelerate impact in the workforce, and much more. Join us on March 3rd at 10 AM EST / 4 PM CET by signing up at digitalasset.com/daversity-webinar-registration.

The engineering team is open sourcing dev-env, a set of tools which lets you pin specific versions of executables in your project and transparently manage them. Think of it like a Nix-lite.

Innover Digital won a Stevie Award for creating a Daml application which provides “a real-time supply chain visibility platform […] in record 4 weeks to combat shortage of medical supplies in hospitals during COVID-19

As always Richard has been keeping us up to date with the latest and greatest security and privacy news on our forum.

Daml is being used for a hackathon in Morocco, quite cool!


Digital Asset is hiring for many positions including Engineering, Client Experience, Business Development, and Sales. If you even has so much of an inkling that a job is for you then make sure to visit digitalasset.com/careers to apply and share with your network.

SGX is looking for a Lead Developer with Daml knowledge to expand their digital bond infrastructure.

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