Opening up dev-env: "Nix with training wheels"

Hi all :wave: ,

I think this is my first non-reply post :thinking:

We’ve just released dev-env, a tool we use internally, as an open-source repository.

We use it on many projects internally, and it’s actually already part of the Daml Connect repository, but there was no easy way for anyone else to use it before now.

So what is it? From the README:

dev-env is a set of tools that let you:

  • pin the exact version of the executables used in building your project, and
  • transparently manage those executables so they do not interfere with anything else on your machine.

If that sounds at all interesting, head over to the project page for more information.


Should be called nixenv in analogy to pipenv. Shame nix-env is already “taken”.