How to build a team of developers

I feel the Daml platform is a great fit for our goal of onChain title work for real estate. We want to digitize deeds. NFT’s are the future of real estate transactions. I need help and would be honored to work with a team of talented developers proficient in Daml!

Hi there, IntellectEU is a proud partner of Digital Asset and we have a team of talented developers that could assist you on your project. I would be happy to schedule a quick call with you or someone else from your team to discuss further.


​That would be great. My cell is 269-259-9900. Zoom meeting would also be good. I look forward to hearing back soon. Thank you.

Hi , Happy New Year ! If you are looking for recruitment help in this Daml market please do let me know. Happy to help with new hires (finding them) permanent or contract staff. Thanks Carl (