Upgrading Canton from Version 22.0 -> 26.0

I have Canton installed, ver 22.0, on 3 x Raspberry Pi.

I sourced the latest version (26.0) but realise that if I follow the install instructions, I will have two installs that I can operate from, depending on where I execute the bin/canton from.

Daml provides the ability to uprade to either a specific Release or Latest with a simple command. Since Canton is also written and supported by Digital Asset, I am asking why there is not an in-place upgrade process for one version to the next?

$ canton upgrade etc

I assume that I can rm -rf /../canton-community-0.22.0 with no detriment to future Canton installs? ← the answer is Yes :+1:t2:


Thanks for your interest in Canton!

We do not yet support data continuity between Canton releases and as a result there is no official upgrade process. However, we acknowledge that data continuity is crucial to our users and we will close that gap within a few months.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again, if you have further requests.


Raspberry Pi, eh? @MatthiasSchmalz when are we going to have an Android release :grin: ?

Out of curiosity, @quidagis would you be willing to share what you’re working on? Sounds like a cool little IOT project you’ve got going on.


I haven’t double checked all of our roadmap, but I’m sure that the Android release comes after data continuity.

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