Upgrade from 0.13.55 to 1.2.0 while keeping the ledger data

A bit background - we have a 0.13.55 daml app running on postgre database and our users have been doing some testings on it . We tried to upgrade it to 1.2.0 but found that the postgre database cannot be upgraded. To work with the old data schema, we can only run 1.2.0 sandbox using daml sandbox-classic.

Anyone can share some tips on how to move the data in 0.13.55 database to 1.2.0 database? Thanks.

Hi @Frankie,

I recommend sticking to sandbox-classic if you run Sandbox against postgres. While the name might suggest that it is outdated and will be removed soon, that is not the case and it is a safe choice.

There is no automatic data migration to sandbox-next and sandbox-next also does not provide migrations between SDK versions. Your only option here is to to an app-level migration, i.e., extract the active contracts on one version and recreate them on the next. That works both for migration from sandbox-classic to sandbox-next as well as migrating sandbox-next from one SDK version to the next.


Thanks @cocreature. Good to know that the classic option is going to be there for a while.

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