Trying to use ledger export command and failed

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

daml ledger export script --host localhost --port 6865 --output “/Users/projects/myProject/tests/exportProj” --all-parties --sdk-version 2.3.2 --max-inbound-message-size 10000000

Upon entering the created project, my Export.daml file does not compile.
The script both uses the submit command (where there are no errors) and the submitTree command (where there are errors).

Can you share the generated code and the compile error you are receiving?

As I can’t send a complete code snippet, I’ll explain as best as I can.
I have the following modules , for example:

in export.daml :

And then:
communicationChannels = (Communication.Communication.CommunicationChannels {address = [(Communication.Address.Residence (Communication.Address.Address.Residence {validity = (Validity.Validity.Validity {startDate = None,
optionalEndDate = None}), …

email = [(Communication.Email.Personal (Communication.Email.Email.Personal {validity = (Validity.Validity.Validity {startDate = None,
optionalEndDate = None}),
emailAddress = “”}))],

The error messages that are received:

This happens in almost all code. Should I go line by line and correct?

In addition, I receive the following message when I upload the file in daml studio:

Hi @ronih, thank you for explaining the context. We were able to reproduce the error and it’s now on our issue tracker: Handle sums of products correctly in `daml ledger export` · Issue #14723 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub. Please keep in mind daml ledger export is an early access feature so we will prioritize accordingly.


Thank you very much for the update

@ronih you can require a badge for finding this bug!