Daml-helper: GRPCIOTimeout error

Hi Team,

Could someone please help i am facing below error while uploading DAR file.
Daml-helper: GRPCIOTimeout error

While fetching ledger ID from JSON API i am getting undefined.Package list from client is also empty.
Using @digitalasset/daml-ledger@0.10.0 version for daml client.

What’s the command you are executing and what type of node are you uploading the DAR to?

One clarification: you mentioned the JSON API but @digitalasset/daml-ledger@0.10.0 are the Ledger API bindings for Node.js. Which one are you using?

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Please find below is the command using to upload dar.
daml ledger upload-dar --host=localhost --port=8080 .daml/dist/TEST.dar

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Hi Stefano,

Oh yes its my mistake, you are correct its a ledger API bindings and 0.10.0 is the version i am using.

While fetching package Ids from API i see empty results.

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Are you sure your ledger is running on port 8080? The default port for Sandbox and DAML-on-SQL is 6865.


I get the same timeout, any more info on this issue?


Not that I’m aware of, but perhaps you can help us. How should we go about reproducing your problem? Is your code available somewhere? Can you list the commands you run to go from no Daml-related component running all the way to encountering your issue? Share the exact logs you get when the issue happens?

Solved in the other thread, It was the --address= thingy.