Shoutout to Fabio Tudone

I just read the blog post by @fabio.tudone relating to the Rental Property Smart Contract , and thought that it was great.

Not only did the article logically explain the relevant terms, I was able to work through the contract and ‘see’ the business logic for what it is. I was quite surprised, as I know that DAML has a high degree of Human Readability but this was ‘disturbingly’ clear :+1:t2:

Also the topic is very near & dear to my heart, as the rental industry in New Zealand is a predatory, archaic and arbitrary sector. Some Smart Contracts would be very welcome … by the Tenants at least.

EDIT: Added URL for @fabio.tudone article on the Daml Blog.


Thanks a lot for that feedback @quidagis. I concur, really well done @fabio.tudone.

If anyone is interested, here is a link for easy reference

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