Settlement error in description?

I think here is an error in description, please look here

Alice and Bob should be exchanged:

Alice creates a Dvp.Proposal template to propose the exchange of the TOKEN against USD.

  dvpProposalCid <- submit **bob** do
    createCmd DvP.Proposal with
      id = "xccy trade"
      recQuantity = Instrument.qty 10.0 tokenInstrument
      payQuantity = Instrument.qty 1000.0 usdInstrument
      proposer = bob
      counterparty = alice

Bob then accepts the proposal, agreeing to the terms of the trade.

  (batchCid, recSettleInstructionCid, paySettleInstructionCid) <- submit **alice** do
    exerciseCmd dvpProposalCid DvP.Accept

Once the proposal is accepted, three contracts are created:

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Hi @shleger,

Thanks for reporting! The pages are no longer the official documentation of Daml Finance as it was release as GA as part of Daml. The new location of the documentation is on the site: Settlement — Daml SDK 2.5.3 documentation