Query Re Future DAML Build on ARMF/ARM64

I purchased an 8GB RPiv4 ARM last week so I can enjoy peace & quiet. Running through the Daml on Debian install and surprisingly there was no issue.

Until I was about to install Daml Latest.

It never occurred to me that the underlying architecture would be a barrier to successful install. Odd but true :no_mouth:

As there is now a supported ARM release series for the Macintosh devices, is there any chance that there might be an ARMF/ARM64 release series for ARM-powered SBCs?

The Daml runtime is all JVM based to enable it to run on all kinds of hardware. If you browse the forums, you’ll find threads about running it on s390 architectures and similar. I don’t think you’ll have any problems running a Daml application on a Pi.

The SDK is another story. The Daml Assistant and compiler are x86 binaries, and we do not support any other platform for those. That also means Apple Silicon isn’t officially supported by us for the SDK. I think some people tested it on Rosetta, but I can’t remember what the result of that was.

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Thanks @bernhard Daml runs fine on an RPiv 3/4, but as you said, the Daml SDK is the issue.

However I have the full Daml SDK stack being served via Tight VNC Server on an old x86_64 system, so not all is lost :sunglasses: