Not able to select values for radio button

I am not able to select values for multiple radio button. Let’s say, I mark dueDiligence as False then I am trying to mark kycCompliant as False, the due diligence field will be blank.

I am not sure whether it’s UI problem or daml issue.

Hi @arijitltim,

Please give more context to this question. Do you use any of the examples or libraries we provide?


No Peter, I am built a customized daml application based on the IOU examples.

This seems to be a generic issue with Navigator. I reproduce it using the following procedure.

  1. Download the project from the following repo GitHub - CohenAvraham/Daml-Certificate-Project
  2. Run “daml start” from the root of the project.
  3. When the Navigator starts, login to the Navigator as “talent”.
  4. Under the Contracts you’ll see a Main:Institution contract. Click on the wrench icon for this contract and from the drop-down select CreateNewTalentProposal choice.
  5. The choice takes as the first argument a variable named “talentInfo”, which is a Daml record containing a field named “capabilities”, which is another Daml record that consists of 5 fields of type Bool. These 5 fields (canDive, canSwin, canHandstand etc.) are represented in Navigator by radio buttons. Observe that it is not possible to set the values for all 5 radio buttons. It is only possible to set the values for a maximum of two of these radio buttons at any time. In other words it is only possible to set one of the buttons to True and one to False. Once the values for 2 buttons are set, selecting a value for another button automatically deselects the value for one of the previously selected buttons.

I raised an issue for this bug.