Navigator Bool bug upon contract creation

If a template contains some Bool fields, then the radio buttons will go wrong when creating contract on Navigator. E.g. there’ll be a default value for some field but not for other fields (as shown on the screenshot), or when you check the next radio button but the previous selected radio button would just disappear. I guess this is a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for reporting this. Can you explain exactly what example or template you followed, to end up with this issue?

Have you repeated this to confirm the issue remains? I would like to reproduce it, and confirm as an unplanned behaviour or not.


template ChildTestRadioBoolButtonOnNavigator
    owner : Party
    name : Text
    isCorrectOrder : Bool
    isAllowBankerBet : Bool
    isAllowMultiBet : Bool
    isAllowFieldBet : Bool
    signatory owner