Nonce vs transaction id , timestamp associated to each transaction


I am relating some of the hyperledger concepts to DAML platform. As per my understanding, (In Hyperledger fabric, proposal identifier, nonce, transaction id, and transaction payload associated to transaction proposal). So, am I correct

  • proposal id is the template id,
  • transaction id is the contract id (because it get changed after each transaction), and then
  • what is nonce (random number) ?

I noticed one thing that whenever I performed any transaction on DAML Hub (in live data, the timestamp is not visible - why it happened “because timestamp is associated with each transaction”)

Hi @Iqra_Mustafa1,

I’m not very familiar with either Canton or Fabric myself, but I believe they are quite different systems. Trying to map concepts one to one may not be the best way to approach understanding either.

For a deep understanding of Canton, the underlying Daml platform as of 2.0.0, I recommend reading through the Platform Operations manual.

I’m familiar with both Canton and Fabric and I can tell you that these concepts are not equivalent in any way. Another piece of documentation that can be useful is Canton Domain on Fabric — Daml SDK 2.2.1 documentation