Interoperability among Different permission network Corda,Hyperledger Fabric,Corda

Does DAML provide interoperability among different permissioned network with Hyperledger Fabric,Hyperledger Besu,Corda and how?

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Hey monu, thanks for the question. The same question was asked previously & answered here . In short, yes you can by using Hashed Timelocks - there’s a link in the answer.

The thread @Dave refers to is talking about interoperability of Daml with Smart Contracts of assets of the underlying Blockchain. Eg a Daml transaction involving the transfer of an Ethereum token.

Daml does offer interoperability between different networks like Fabric and Besu via the Canton Protocol. That feature is currently in Early Access, but can be tried out already. The end-goal is to enable our users to be able to transparently transact across multiple networks in the sense that a contract on network A can call a choice on a contract on network B within the same transaction and with full atomicity, consistency and validity guarantees.

“how” is best explained in the Canton White Paper which you can download from the above link.