New Blog post: DAML application on Proxy Voting

Here is another blog post from @Luis_Marado on Streamline proxy voting and regulatory reporting using DLT

He has also implemented a workflow to set-up the governance event (meeting event or information event) as a shared record (“the golden record”) providing all the information to be spread to beneficial owners:

The “PartnerProposal” acceptance leads to the creation of the “Partner” contract where the CSD is given the right to approve the partner into the system. This intends to emulate the execution of the CSD’s due diligence towards that entity.

Lastly, as part of the terms of the “ApprovePartner” choice exercise, such entities or partners are individually associated according to their role onto the “CustodyChain” contract. Having this contract setup the CSD becomes capable to leverage this information on-demand. This means that the CSD is now able to communicate more effectively the entitlement position throughout the custody chain.

Also you can also check out their solution on the DAML marketplace:

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Of the benefits you listed in the article what would you say is the biggest one @Luis_Marado?

It’s hard to decouple what is most important as the business benefits stated tend to go together with the proposed solution. However, if I had to choose one, the transparency on the process would be my pick.