Learn the fundamentals of DAML online: DAML data types and the standard library

We’ve got two new exciting DAML tutorials covering DAML data types and the standard library. If you’re wondering why you should go through the tutorials here’s a hint how important they are:

Choosing the right types for your data will make a big difference for the efficiency, complexity and clarity of your code. Furthermore, data structures can encode important invariants of your code. Examples are non-empty lists or optional fields. DAML truly excels when it comes to modeling data.

DAML’s standard library and Prelude module provides you with all the essential data containers like lists, sets and maps together with efficient algorithms to work with them.

What’s really great about the two tutorials is that @drsk came up with quizzes per topic, allowing you to check your knowledge while going through the tutorial :wink:


Very cool @nemanja!

:100: Great initiative @drsk to come up with the quizzes!

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