JetBrains Intellij Idea a viable IDE for DAML?

So I understand that VSCode is very popular however our shop used Intellij IDEA, I just want to understand why I would not be able to use IDEA , if I can , what would be the advantages to using VS Code ?


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Our VSCode integration provides generic things you’re used to from most IDEs like syntax highlighting, on the fly error highlighting, go to definition and more as well as a liveview of the ledger produced by your Daml Scripts.

The generic part builds on top of the language server protocol which afaik can also be used in Intellij. However, you are on your own for this. There is no support for this and no documentation. The community-supported instructions for using Daml in Vim might be a good starting point. You also won’t get the live-view of the ledger. You could in theory replicate that functionality in Intellij but it’s a significant chunk of work and again this is not supported.

Overall, I would highly recommend using VSCode. The experience you get in Intellij will be strictly worse than what you get there.


understood, we don’t use VSCode for anything else so there’s that initial inertia,
There’s also the issue that the UI won’t be built in VSCode but I guess that’s overall irrelevant

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Thanks for your perspective, @cocreature. I’ve made a note on this as a VSCode integration with Intellij IDEA may be a project worth pursuing.

As the de-facto framework for developing Java applications, Spring helps us scale, secure and configure applications more efficiently. And because of its first-class support and developer tools, I use Intellij IDEA Ultimate.

But for those preferring Intellij when also developing in DAML, one chooses either to?: (i) Develop DAML and Java Spring into separate IDEs (which seems problematic) or (ii) Opt for VSCode for DAML and Java development, using Spring Tools 4, although the overall support isn’t quite mature as Intellij.