Java bindings example seems a little out of date

Hi, I can see there are some fairly new features in the java bindings now. For example, the method CommandClient#submitAndWaitForResult seems to give a more strongly typed way to submit commands to the ledger - which looks like it will be very useful. This is the reference example provided in the Daml documentation. It looks pretty old though - it doesn’t seem to use codegen and certainly not the submitAndWaitForResult method. Are there any more recent examples, especially those using the submitAndWaitForResult or similar methods.

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Sorry, I have partially answered my own question – this example seems to include more recent features: Daml IOU Quickstart Tutorial — Daml SDK 2.6.5 documentation. However, the example I linked to above does seem a little out of date, and I’m not sure if the way it’s written is the “recommended” way of doing things now.