Are there any reference applications (or other examples) demonstrating usage of the Ledger API?

Trying to understand how to use the Ledger API and the docs seem like they’re written for someone who is familiar with Protocol Buffers. I’ve never used them so it would be great if I can see an example of a DAML project using the Ledger API.

Usually you don’t interact with the raw protobuf but instead use one of the Ledger API bindings and potentially a codegen to interact with the Ledger API. Here are a few examples that we have that do this:

  1. The IOU quickstart example using the Java bindings and codegen
  2. The Scala bindings and codegen
  3. The tutorial for the NodeJS bindings GitHub - digital-asset/ex-tutorial-nodejs: An interactive tutorial to get started with the Node.js bindings for DAML (without a codegen).

There is also documentation on how you can create your own bindings at

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Thanks for that, when I was reading the docs most of the links would lead me to the app-dev services section which would then lead me to app-dev grpc proto-docs.

The sections you’ve linked are a lot more descriptive. Thank you!