Advanced samples using ledger API and java bindings

I could find Ping-Pong and IOU sample to understand java bindings and ledger API which help us to begin with. I want to look at how to handle the data in the correct approach when multiple parties and templates exists in the daml network. Are there any advanced samples which will be helpful?

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For advanced use cases, there is no such thing as “the correct approach”. Throughout the documentation, we discuss general principles for building robust client applications for Daml ledgers, but there is nothing you can copy-and-paste that will work for a genuinely nontrivial use case.

That said, perhaps another forum member has a similar use case to yours, or similar enough that some of the same specific techniques might apply. Perhaps you could expand on the questions you have, possibly in different forum posts if they are varied enough, and another forum member might recognize something of their application in your own and have useful advice?