CommandClient or CommandSubmissionClient?

G-d willing

In this doc it says that the functions in CommandClient are deprecated.
For me, since I am using the submitAndWaitForTransactionTree, in that document it says:
since 2.5. Please use submitAndWaitForTransactionTree(CommandsSubmission) instead

However, when I am looking at the CommandSubmission, first, it doesn’t have this function, and second, all of its functions are also deprecated. So I am not sure what should I use.

It’s the very last one in the doc you linked, hopefully this anchor might come in handy: CommandClient.

I agree it’s a bit overcrowded at the moment. We realized that all the overloads were just making it confusing and switched to a builder-based approach, using CommandSubmission as the parameter class that gets built for the request. Hopefully this should make the surface of the API cleaner and simpler to use, but we are bound to keep around deprecated methods for a while, which might lead to the current situation, which I agree is not entirely pleasant.