Hosting Daml Finance App on Daml Hub

Hi all,

I am currently trying to host the daml finacne app on daml hub but I am running into some problems.

When uploading the dar files it gives me the following error:

Error installing artifact: Error installing artifact: LF V1.15 unsupported.

I hope someone can help me on that.

Here is a link for the Daml Finance App github for reference:

Thank you

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Daml-LF 1.15 is still only a preview in SDK 2.4. Unfortunately you cannot use preview versions on Daml Hub.


Thank you!

The only reason why I wanted to deploy it to the hub was because I was able to run it smoothly on mac, however when I try to run it on windows, after the commands:

daml start

I got the following error: Passthrough is not supported, GL is disabled, ANGLE is

Do you know why that is?

You mention running - are you running this in WSL?

When running get-dependencies.bat (ie. the Windows script) I realized that it’s outdated in that it doesn’t download the right dependencies. I’ll look into fixing this.

Could you post the full logs from daml start so that I can better understand the context of the error?

EDIT: Fix get-dependencies.bat by GeorgSchneider · Pull Request #50 · digital-asset/daml-finance-app · GitHub should fix the get-dependencies.bat script.

Hi Georg, unfortunately I couldnt replicate the error to get you the complete log.

I was running on the regular terminal without WSL. On the Readme the linux/mac and windows instructions are the same.

Nonetheless, I will try the fix you provided. Thank you!

Indeed, the readme does contain wrong instructions for Windows. Fixing this now.

Pull the latest from main and run:

daml start

(note the different file ending .bat)

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Yes, that fixed the issue for the dependencies!
However, once I run daml start I get this:

Can you paste the contents of the .lib directory? Maybe there was an error downloading this file.

This is the contents of .lib

So that package is indeed missing. But it’s referenced in get-dependencies.bat here: daml-finance-app/get-dependencies.bat at 0f322d5b67c498dd40a96f9e603244c47eb05efe · digital-asset/daml-finance-app · GitHub

Can you post the logs from get-dependencies.bat after cleaning out .lib/?

Hi Georg,

I’m trying a different approach. I’m now trying to start the application in a linux vm

The get-dependencies is working fine, however, when I execute daml start I get the following message:

That is odd - could it be that the VM is sized too small for Canton to run? I’d suggest at least 8gb memory and a decent CPU.

On your previous attempt on Windows, could you post the logs from get-dependencies.bat after cleaning out .lib/? I think you’re missing just that one dependency, which I suspect failed to download for some reason.

Hi Georg,

Fortunately I could fix the issue regarding the get-dependencies. Unfortunately I dont have access to the environment I was trying to run it previously to send you the previous logs.

I encountered a different error running locally on a Mac machine. I just cloned the repository again so I can get the updated version of the application, however, when I try the command “daml start” I get the following error:

ps: It was working fine before getting the new version…


This is an issue with one of our scenarios when you run it on the 31st of a month :slight_smile: we’ll look into fixing it, but it should work if you run it on any other day (eg. today). Let me know in case you’re still encountering issues.

Hi Georg,

Thank you for your support.

Everything is working fine now I was able to fix the grpc error by upgrading the memory of the ec2. I’ve changed it from a t2.medium 8gb to a t2.xlarge 16gb and it fixed the issue