How to work with the Finance Library on Windows

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Is it possible to work with the finance library on Windows 10?
In the case of the MacOs or Linux, you provided a dependency shell file (./,
How can I overcome this on Windows (do you have a script file for Windows)?


If you’re looking to build the library from scratch, our build scripts only support Unix-based systems. You can run it in WSL for Windows though. But you’d only need to do that if you’re looking to contribute to the library itself.

If you’re just looking for a script to pull down released package dependencies, you can reuse this one from the Daml Finance Ref App.

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Hi @georg,
No, I am not trying to build it from scratch, just use the library.
I used the bat file you referred to, and it runs with no problem, however, when I am trying to build my project (using the daml build) I am getting an error message:
damlc: .lib/daml-finance-interface-holding-0.1.3.dar: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

Hi @cohen.avraham,

If you used the script @georg referred you to as verbatim, then it will download version 0.1.7 of daml-finance-interface-holding (ie., daml-finance-interface-holding-0.1.7.dar). From your build error, it cannot find version 0.1.3 of daml-finance-interface-holding.


  1. update the script to download 0.1.3 of this package. Or;
  2. update your daml.yaml file (in the data-dependencies) to refer to the 0.1.7 downloaded version.
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G-d willing

Thanks @Brian_Weir

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