Handling expired credentials

Does the Ledger API server disconnect sessions that have expired credentials?
Assuming a Ledger API Server that is operating with Auth and an outbound/streaming session is established with valid (and more importantly un-expired) Auth credentials. Will the server disconnect the session once the credentials expire? or will the session remain open indefinitely?


No, an existing channel will not be closed upon credential expiry. If you used any method support by gRPC to give a fixed sets of credentials for all usages of a channel, you won’t be able to use it after the credentials have expired either, though. What you can do is, if your bindings allow it, either override those credentials for the channel or do it on a per-call basis.

For example, the Scala bindings that are made by DA offer the possibility of passing a token for every call. You can have a look at the signature of the method to get the ledger identifier as an example.