Proxy terminating GRPC streaming service

Not sure if anyone experience this issue before… When the Ledger API consumer connects to the API for streaming data such as transactions, the connection is terminated by the proxy when there is nothing to stream. i.e. when the party has no activities. Basically the proxy treat it as an idle connection and kill it after a period of time.

We found the issue happens on AWS load balancer and also AVI proxy. Anyone experienced the same issue? Is there any way to prevent it? Or there is a proxy that can handle it better?

You can probably configure your proxy to keep the connection up despite it being idle, but perhaps I would rather recommend you that you abstract over the stream being closed. Using offsets you can very easily resume streaming data more or less whenever, regardless of whether the channel is closed by a proxy or by a transient network error (from which you probably want to recover anyway).

That’s a valid point, Ledger API consumer should have the ability to recover.