Failed to create scenario context from working template

Hi ,
Why we keep getting Failed to create scenario context error from compiler pointing to module declaration in daml file. The same file worked fine during previous run and was without any error , in order to get rid of the error i have to always relaunch visual studio and the error disappears .

Is there any solution to this issue ? do i need to configure any settings in studio ?

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Hi @raghu, this looks like it might be the same bug as ScenarioBackendException in Daml Studio error again. I recommend taking a look at that thread.

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thanks @cocreature , seems still no resolution for this bug . Is there a way to know when fix will be released for this bug

Hi @raghu, I cannot give you a fixed timeline right now but we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as we can next year.

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noted ,thanks !

Hi @raghu, as I already posted in the other thread, we have a new snapshot Release 1.18.1-snapshot.20220106.8429.0.ea344666 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub which should fix this issue.