Fabric certificate handling and how Daml fulfills the promise of Fabric Composer, in a Hyperledger Budapest meetup next Thursday

Together with a colleague of mine, host of Hyperledger Budapest, we will make two presentations on the 29th of April, Thursday, one about Fabric certificate handling, the other about how Daml fulfills the promise of the deprecated Fabric Composer.

Daniel is the most acknowledged Hyperledger Fabric and DLT expert in Hungary, and there is no blockchain conference in Hungary without him as a speaker.

During this meetup we will have two presentations:

  1. In search of the lost Hyperledger Fabric Composer - with Daml

Abstract: Hyperledger Fabric Composer was a promising, business-friendly idea, but ultimately got out of sync with the underlying Fabric platform and became a dead-end. So it was deprecated in 2019, two years after its start.

In my presentation I will show why the promise of Fabric Composer was (and still is) relevant, how the Daml smart contract platform (https://daml.com) fulfills a similar promise, and how it can be used with Fabric.

György Balázsi

Independent digital strategy consultant

  1. Deepdive into Hyperledger Fabric certificates

One of the major challenge of Hyperledger Fabric is that the whole access control of the system is based on PKI infrasturcutre. During this presentation we will give an in-depth overview how this PKI infrastructure, including keys, certificates and access control lists are structured and how access control is implemented in Hyperledger Fabric

Daniel Szego

DLT Architect


Hi @gyorgybalazsi this looks like a great event. Any chance that you will record it as a webinar or even livestream it?


It’s an online event, hope we can record it


It will be live streamed on YouTube, where the recording can be watched later


So glad that finally I see both Hyperledger Composer and Daml are mentioned together! I keep searching and see no write-up talking about this!

In my blockchain class when I talk about Hyperledger Composer deprecated, I always bring up Daml and introduce it to my students, as to some extent Daml is fulfilling what Hyperledger Composer has promised (a layer in between and a choice of ledger despite it only worked with Fabric in those days).

Looking forward to this (or recorded due to the timezone).

Regarding the certificates (user identity) on Fabric, my understanding is that currently daml-on-fabric is not using certificate associated to a party. In this case the parties in Daml are “proxied” by a single user certificate from Fabric perspective. Hope to see some improvement in it (though I also think it’s quite challenging).



Good point, though we won’t touch it this time. Daniel who will discuss Fabric certificate handlling is an expert of the standalone Fabric, not the Daml-Fabric integration. There is an excellent blog post by @bernhard about Identity in Daml: Identity in Daml - Daml.