Dashboard of my Contracts (count) in production

Hi Daml’ers

I want to create a dashboard of my current Count of Contracts that are in my Production environment.
What would be best approach for acquiring this data (in Live mode) ?

(I am on 1.x Daml SDK and Postgresql database)

I would recommend to build a small integration that runs that count for you, by asking for the ACS and keeping it up to date, ready to be served to downstream consumers. If you are open to try out new software, you might want to have a look at the Custom Views library, which makes it easier to write this kind of integrations by taking over some concerns from the developer (e.g. keeping track of the latest observed offset to make sure the integration can be stopped and restarted if needed).

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I just realized that you are on Daml 1.x, so Custom Views are probably not the way forward. But building the integration I described should still be relatively easy to accomplish using the Java bindings.

Thanks.I will give it a try with Java Bindings