Daml Smart Contract Browser Support

Hi All,

I wanted to ask is there a browser support Roadmap, Plan or List?

Clearly we can engage with a Daml application via the UI on a Ledger using a web browser on a Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux Operating System.

Do the two Mobile O/S (Android/iOS) browsers currently support the Daml UI? Well, partly etc?

Hi @quidagis

If by Daml UI you mean the JavaScript libraries then yes, all major browsers both on mobile and desktop should be supported. Our libraries are written and generated using TypeScript which are also transpiled to JS. The generated modules could be directly used and require only ES5 and WebSocket support from the browser. If you follow our recommendation however, you end up utilizing the Daml React libraries within your own React project. In this project you can control the level of support for browsers of your generated JS code (e.g. with a package.json definition of browserslist).

The Navigator and UI templates we provide may also function viewed on a mobile browser, but were not considered necessarily to look good on narrow screens.

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Hi @Mate_Varga Thank you for that reply, that is great news and I will have to change a blog post I wrote about the Daml Browser support for Mobile :heavy_check_mark:

The link you posted browserlist is Error 404 :no_mouth:

I forgot to tell you that I updated the link. Take a look now if still interested!

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Tested, works, thank you.