Daml SDK installation issue on Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition


I cannot install DAML SDK on Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition. The installation ends successfully, however no files will be copied to AppData > Roaming > daml directory. It works on Windows 10.

Please help me to fix it.


Hi all,

Resolved it by installing it on a Windows 10 machine, zipped the folder AppData > Roaming > daml, transferred the zip file to Windows Server machine, unzipped it and copied to AppData > Roaming > daml.

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Hi @schwobi :wave:t2:

Thank you for reporting this issue and for identifying a practical workaround.

Could you please confirm what Daml SDK version were you attempting to install and use on the Windows Server?

This issue has been escalated for further review and/or remediation.

Hi Ben,

Latest stable one: 2.4.0.

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Noted, thank you.