DAML SDK 1.7.0RC is released!


daml install 1.7.0-snapshot.20201103.5565.0.e75d42dd**


  • DAML Connect has been introduced as a logical grouping for all those components a developer needs to connect to a DAML network.
  • JSON API, DAML Script, and the JavaScript Client Libraries now support reading as multiple parties.
  • daml start can now perform code generation, and has a quick-reload feature for fast iterative app development
  • Support for multi-key/query streaming queries in React Hooks
    • New query functions accepting multiple keys supersede the old single-key/query versions, which are now deprecated.
  • DAML Triggers (Early Access) have an overhauled API that is more aligned with DAML Script
    • This change requires a migration detailed below.

Read the full release notes here

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Looks like a pretty hefty release, congratulations to all involved :grin:!

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if you use language extensions not documented on docs.daml.com or import DA.Generics

I was expecting find an explicit list of the supported extensions on docs.daml.com, without luck. But maybe that’s not what is meant here.

Searching for language extensions doesn’t turn up anything specific.

Do we have an exhaustive list somewhere?

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I think this is only referring to undocumented extensions/features and as such they wouldn’t have documentation.

cc @bernhard