DAML SDK 1.3.0 RC is out!

DAML SDK 1.3.0 RC is out and chock full of features, improvements, and bugfixes. Read the high level announcement here, or dive into the full release notes.

Also remember to sign up for the community open door on Monday 13th July at 2.30pm-3.00pm CET / 8:30-9am EST on Zoom. You need to register beforehand so make sure to :slight_smile:

Some highlights:

  • The Websocket query and fetch APIs are now stable.
  • The JSON API Server is now released as a standalone JAR file to GitHub Releases.
  • DAML Script and REPL now work in Static Time mode and can query parties.
  • DAML Studio exposes more details on how contracts were disclosed. Big thank you to @Axman6-da for suggesting this very useful feature.
  • Trigger Service, a solution to host and manage DAML Triggers is now available in Early Access.