DAML Newbie - Ethereum based network deployment target?

getting back to DAML

I noticed that in your overview documentation you illustrate by placing a Fabric network along side an Ethereum network.

Is it currently possible to deploy DAML to an Ethereum based DLT ?

I did not see anything that I recognized to be Etherum based in the targets overview section.

If so is it possible to bridge for example a Corda chain with an Ethereum chain i.e. perhaps via a node/participant that is registered on both chains ?

thanks , pls clear any obvious misunderstandings I may have :slight_smile:



I hate answering my own questions but the answers were apparently a short continued read away :slight_smile:

So then it seems that via Canton implementing drivers one can indeed operate across multiple DAML networks and one such network can be an Ethererum chain via Besu which is an Ethererum Enterprise compliant client.

If there’s anything else that I should be aware of , pls advise , thanks


Yes, exactly. Drivers based on the Canton protocol support this. Here is the section in the manual that lists the currently supported backends (beyond the Postgres based domain): Enterprise Domain Integrations — Canton 0.22.1-SNAPSHOT documentation

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