Is interaction with Fabric test-network only available with Canton Enterprise?

I have created a Dar file. I want to access its functions from my smart contract in Fabric test-network.

According to what I found, I infer from

’ Important
This feature is only available in Canton Enterprise

that Canton Enterprise must be required to access my dar file from my fabric contract.

How to proceed to access dar file’s functions from my smart contract in Fabric test-network ?

Hi Rohit, Indeed, Daml Enterprise is required to use the integration of Canton with Hyperledger Fabric. But even more importantly, that integration is not about interacting between Daml smart contracts and user-defined Fabric chaincode. Rather, it enables Canton to use a Hyperledger Fabric network as the backend to its sequencer component, thus using Fabric for fault tolerant messaging and ordering.
If you’d like to try this out, please contact Digital Asset sales to discuss a Daml Enterprise license.