DAML-LF spec

There’s a spec for DAML-LF that includes the syntax, the typing rules, and the semantics of the LF language here:

It appears quite well maintained, but it’s not included in the SDK docs. Is it because it’s deemed too technical?

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It’s not so much that it’s too technical, rather that it caters to a different audience than the SDK docs.

The SDK docs are mainly oriented towards a user of the DAML SDK, whereas most users will not need to read the LF spec in order to build a DAML app.

Absolutely, for most users the language reference docs and, to a lesser extent, the link to the ledger model should be more than enough. Not including it in the docs makes it hard to discover for the handful of people who might need it, though.

Perhaps we should add a link to the DAML LF spec from the docs. Maybe from this page, since it already gets a bit technical about how DAML maps to DAML-LF: https://docs.daml.com/app-dev/daml-lf-translation.html

What do you think?

I agree it’s on the appropriate “technical” level, but it feels a bit odd to stuff this under the headline of “How DAML types are translated to LF”. How about here:
and here: