1.dev daml sdk usage


How do I reference the 1.dev SDK in my daml.yaml file?

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Hi @Jean_Safar, there is no 1.dev SDK version. What we do have is a 1.dev DAML-LF version. This is the current development version of DAML-LF (the intermediate language DAML is compiled to). This is purely intended for development, uploading a 1.dev DAR to a ledger can prevent upgrades to that ledger since 1.dev in the new version of the ledger will refer to something different than 1.dev in the old ledger so it could be unable to read it.

If you do want to compile to DAML-LF 1.dev to try out a new feature or change, you can add the following to your daml.yaml:

  - "--target=1.dev"

Alternatively, you can also pass this directly as an argument: daml build --target=1.dev. However, since you probably also want it in DAML Studio, the build-options section which applies to both daml build as well as the IDE is usually a better option.


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Hi @Jean_Safar,

I’d like to re-emphasize and elaborate on what @cocreature said above: We don’t provide any compatibility guarantees for DAML-LF 1.dev at all. DAML-LF 1.dev is a staging area for new features we’re considering to add to DAML-LF. The format of DAML-LF 1.dev might change between any two SDK versions and we don’t provide any warning, documentation, or heads-up if it does. For instance, when you compile a package to DAML-LF 1.dev with one version of the SDK and then try to depend on it with another version of SDK, this might not work and produce a completely incomprehensible error message.

That said, unless you want to try out a new feature which is only works with DAML-LF 1.dev, I would strongly advise to not use it.

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