Using old SDK version

How do I use an old version of the DAML SDK? I’ve tried all the relevant options for daml install, for example

❯ daml install --install-assistant=yes 1.2.0
SDK version 1.2.0 is already installed.
Activating assistant version 1.2.0

That looks promising, but then daml version gives me

DAML SDK versions:
  1.3.0                                    (not installed)
  1.4.0-snapshot.20200715.4733.0.d6e58626  (default SDK version for new projects)

What I really want to do is run daml sandbox with version 1.2.0 but running this always uses the snapshot version above.

I don’t have a daml.yaml file in the directory I’m running this in.


You can set the DAML_SDK_VERSION environment variable, e.g., DAML_SDK_VERSION=1.2.0 daml sandbox will run version 1.2.0. By default, the newest installed SDK will be used outside of a project.


Ah thank you!

DAML_SDK_VERSION=1.2.0 daml sandbox

did the trick.


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