Daml finance - Reference to /Daml/Finance/Interface/Holding/Account is missing

Hi Daml finance team

I experimenting with your daml-finance-app …

I noticed on Line 11 the following…
import { Reference as AccountReference } from "@daml.js/daml-finance-interface-holding/lib/Daml/Finance/Interface/Holding/Account"

Where can I find this in Daml-finance ?

It seems to be missing …

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way.

Hi @bartcant,

The line you are referring to is here in Daml-Finance.

This import is from the library Daml.Finance.Interface.Holding. If you refer to the script which downloads this dependency here, you will notice that the version is specified as 0.1.4. As the codebase is being actively worked upon in this “Early Access” phase, its possible that major modifications to the code occur and that the Daml Finance App needs to be updated to catch up with the underlying changes to the Daml Finance library.

For your reference, this Account.daml file has been moved into its own module here and will be part of the Daml.Finance.Interface.Account library upon the next release.

Thanks for the insights
Is there an easy way to get all the daml source files listed here

get_dependency daml-finance-holding                       Daml.Finance.Holding                      0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-instrument-bond               Daml.Finance.Instrument.Bond              0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-instrument-equity             Daml.Finance.Instrument.Equity            0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-instrument-generic            Daml.Finance.Instrument.Generic           0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-instrument-swap               Daml.Finance.Instrument.Swap              0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-instrument-token              Daml.Finance.Instrument.Token             0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-claims              Daml.Finance.Interface.Claims             0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-data                Daml.Finance.Interface.Data               0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-holding             Daml.Finance.Interface.Holding            0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-base     Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Base    0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-bond     Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Bond    0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-equity   Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Equity  0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-generic  Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Generic 0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-swap     Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Swap    0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-instrument-token    Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Token   0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-lifecycle           Daml.Finance.Interface.Lifecycle          0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-settlement          Daml.Finance.Interface.Settlement         0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-types               Daml.Finance.Interface.Types              0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-interface-util                Daml.Finance.Interface.Util               0.1.4
get_dependency daml-finance-lifecycle                     Daml.Finance.Lifecycle                    0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-settlement                    Daml.Finance.Settlement                   0.1.5
get_dependency daml-finance-util                          Daml.Finance.Util                         0.1.4

this will help us to study the code a bit better

Hi @bartcant,

When a package is released we apply a tag to the corresponding commit in the Daml Finance repo.

The package versions you mention have been all released at this commit.

The easiest for now is for you to check that commit out and open up Daml Studio.


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