Daml Connect 1.11.0 RC is out!

Daml Connect 1.11.0 RC is out with major quality of life improvements, namely:

:clamp: Daml transactions are now significantly smaller in Daml-LF 1.12
:scroll: Our testing framework now generates a code coverage report for Templates and Choices
:mag: If a Script is failing in VSCode youโ€™ll be able to see the latest state before failure

  • Daml Driver for PostgreSQL now has a separate migration mode and a configurable DB connection pool.
  • Daml-LF 1.11 is now the default. The previous default was Daml-LF 1.8.

Full release notes are here

Also listen to the latest Daml Developer Monthly here or read it here.


Hi, I am listening to the Developer Monthly podcast on Anchor.FM, and in relation to the episode titled โ€˜What is DAML January 2021โ€™, 31/12/2020, is there a document that reflects the list of items mentioned and explained in that episode? It would be very handy however if it exists, please let me know.

In relation to the sound quality, I note that the presenter has gotten more smooth and has bit of a โ€˜radioโ€™ voice, well done. Would it be possible for the presenter to introduce himself and tell us what he does at DA? I gather that it is Richard (rps?) however if he chooses to remain low-key, I totally understand. Personal privacy is important to me also.

Keep up the great work :grinning:

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Quidagis, thanks for your kind comments. Think of the material read out as putting a voice to Daml, anything that helps people get more insight and a little more comfortable with the language is a good thing.

That 12/20 episode might simply have been the glossary of terms. In which case it is here: Glossary of concepts โ€” Daml SDK 1.10.0 documentation. We thought that would be a good starting point to work forward from. With the new release, itโ€™s probably already out of date and needs a refresh.

As to RPS, he really does believe in Daml, the teams behind the language and this website. They are all super-cool! He keeps a low profile because when he is not jumping out of airplanes, or drifting in his equivalent of an Aston Martin, he is figuring out risk vectors and trying to keep his tux clean.

We love your interaction and want you to keep coming back.

Best wishes!