Daml Cli: logs folder + navigator.log should be gitgnored?

building a new project from the dam cli and then running daml start you get the navigator.log file in the root and the log folder. These are committed into git by default.

It would seem:

  1. Should ht navigator.log file be in the log folder?
  2. Should the log folder be in .gitignore or inside of the .daml folder (which is .gitignored by default)

Seems sensible to ignore them by default. You can make a PR that modifies daml/default-gitignore at 385504fd7da239d427ed6f5a02c975592ea8d021 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub if you want.

PR created Add /log and navigator.log to default gitignore by StephenOTT · Pull Request #13944 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub