Daml build command, logs printed to stderr

I was playing around with daml build command when I saw:
daml build --project-root . 2> log
Then in the file log:

2022-02-11 13:10:58.65 [INFO]  [build] 
Compiling annotated-performance-regression-test to a DAR.

2022-02-11 13:10:59.29 [INFO]  [build] 
Created .daml/dist/annotated-performance-regression-test-1.0.0.dar

Doesn’t this mean that normal logs are printed to stderr? If so, then why?

It’s reasonably common for logs to be printed to stderr. For daml build this doesn’t matter that much but other commands, e.g., daml damlc inspect-dar write their main output to stdout while all logs are written to stderr. That way, you can redirect the actual output to a file without having to worry about logs being interleaved into it.