DABL Social Marketplace login information?

When I want to log in to the DABL Social Marketplace as Alice, a fictitious ledger party, I get prompted to submit real information?

What data should be given here?


I don’t know what validation logic this program does but I imagine you can probably enter any random fake data that you wanted.

If it’s validating SSNs then I’d put in any 9 digit number.

A side question for the team though is even for testing/dev purposes should we be calling for people to enter fake SSN’s on a test/demo application? What if someone enters a real one?


Fake away - it’s just an example of the data you could ask for


You can indeed add any fake info, but we did remove SSN from the latest build on GitHub for that reason - we’ll update the demo on the DABL console to remove this ASAP.


I understand now that not the data validation goes wrong, but the investor role contract is missing. I’m trying to figure out what is needed for that to be signed by the Operator.

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You will need to deploy the Operator automation bot. I also recommend deploying the rest of the bots as well.

To deploy a bot, first click on the bot in the “Deployments” tab of the console:

Next configure the bot and click “Launch”:

For the party to run as for each bot:

Bot Party
operator-bot UserAdmin
matching-engine Exchange
exchange-bot Exchange
custodian-bot Custodian
broker-bot Broker
issuer-bot UsdtIssuer, BtcIssuer

This will let the various parties automatically perform necessary actions, such as the Operator accepting registrations and creating role contracts, or the exchange settling trades.


There are also now instructions for deploying the Marketplace on DABL that may be useful to you: GitHub - digital-asset/da-marketplace.

If you are using the marketplace deployed from the Sample Apps instead of building the project from source, you can skip the steps that require you to build or upload the files.


Thank you @alex.graham that’s very useful!

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@alex.graham two questions:

  1. Why do we need the Operator party?

We don’t use it, the operator bot runs on behalf of UserAdmin.

  1. Can we do this for the DABL instance?

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For the first question, you are correct that you don’t need the Operator party - I will remove that from the README.

I’m not 100% sure I understand your second question, but the instructions you’re looking at will bootstrap whatever DABL ledger you’re downloading participants.json from.

participants.json includes information such as the API endpoint for the specific ledger as well as the party-id mappings - so instead of daml script running against a local sandbox, it operates on the DABL ledger via the JSON API.


Thanks, got it. I wasn’t sure if this works locally or on DABL, but now it’s clear.