Daml-ui-template on DABL

Happy New Year DAMLer’s

Is there a way to use Party names instead of parties IDs on DABL like the sandbox?

I run the daml-ui-template on DABL and initialised it with scripts. But what I can see are parties Ids but not names. In particular, I cannot use the dialog drop down box to pick users. Wish someone could point me to further readings to fix this.

BTW, I know very little about programming but I love DAML. Sorry about my poor English too…



On DAML Ledgers, you always deal with party IDs even on Sandbox. The difference on Sandbox is that you can control the party ids freely whereas on DABL and other ledgers you are not in control of party ids.

You can query the party management endpoint to get a mapping from party ids to display names. Note however, that display names are not guaranteed to be unique on DAML ledgers in general.

DABL’s documentation on User Management might also be useful.