Connecting participant to domain manually

I want to connect a participant to a domain via the Canton console manually, meaning not via a bootstrap script.

Could anyone show me the Scala syntax to specify the input values to the console command?


  • Summary: Macro to connect a participant to a domain given by connection

  • Arguments:

  • Description: This variant of connect expects a domain connection config. Otherwise the behaviour is equivalent to the connect command with explicit arguments. If the domain is already configured, the domain connection will be attempted. If however the domain is offline, the command will fail. Generally, this macro should only be used to setup a new domain. However, for convenience, we support idempotent invocations where subsequent calls just ensure that the participant reconnects to the domain.

I have a remote console to the domain, through which I can retrieve domain parameters.

I was able to do this via Helm BootStrapHook as described in the official Helm chart repo:

The only detail missing here (probably because for K8s/Helm pros this is obvious) that we have to deploy the participants in two steps:

  1. Deploly the participant without the bootstrap hook enabled in the .values file
  2. Enable participant connection on the domain
  3. Upgrade the participant with the bootstrap hook enabled in the .values file