Which Canton static configs are immutable across process restarts?

Related to Canton configuration change after started, is there any rule of thumb which of the static configuration options can be changed by restarting a process and which ones cannot? For example, I understand that the Auth mechanism of a participant can be changed, but it’s not clear to me that the Canton protocol version of a domain can be changed.

So how do I tell what can and cannot be changed?


Hello @bernhard ,
For the domain parameters:
All the static domain parameters cannot be changed (unlike the dynamic domain parameters that can be changed via topology transactions)

For the other parameters, I guess @Ratko_Veprek could give a better explanation than myself.



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Hi @bernhard

Right now, you can’t change the node.init section and you should never change the static domain parameters. Also, changing the crypto config is delicate, as the keys are tied to the crypto provider.

We actually concluded a few weeks ago that we need to clearly separate this by moving all the “can be set once” arguments into the init block. Our “dynamic config” vs “static config” is conceptually missing the “set once on init”, which we need to fix. But as this is going to be a breaking change, we’ll postpone this until 3.0.

I hope this helps.