What is the role of Participant node and DLT Node incase of DAML application deployed on Hyperledger

I am thinking to design an application where i want to use the DAML as smart contract language and Hyperledger Fabric as DLT node. I was going through article, and it says I need a driver to have this work. I am not sure what will driver do in this case. Where will my smart contracts reside and what will be the use of participant node?

A simple (though slightly flawed) way to think about this is that a Daml participant node is an in-memory process that delegates persistence to another process; the driver is the adapter between the participant and a specific storage technology. We have drivers for a number of blockchains, and one for SQL databases. Conceptually someone could write a driver to store the entire Daml ledger on a single flat file on disk (though performance would likely not be great).

Does that help?

Thanks a lot for your response @Gary_Verhaegen . I have next question on the same topic. In genral where the DAR reside ? In DAML driver folder or in Partcipant node ? How the partcipant and driver communicate in case of posting the transaction for other DLT node and fetch the data from DLT node.