DAML Runtime topology for Hyperledger Fabric

I use Hyperledger fabric DLT platform and want to use DAML for smartcontracts ,could you please let me know the topology where exactly the DAML runtime should be hosted. Does it have to be on DLT Node or does it have to be part of application layer API Gateway.


Hi Santosh

Logically speaking, the daml-on-fabric component that allows DAML smart contracts to be run on a Fabric network can be thought of as part of the DLT node. Specifically there is a container (Java process) and database instance (Postgres) that are run for each participant node, and they are paired to a specific Fabric peer. So essentially you should think of it as a component run at the same level as the Fabric peer node.

Attached is a diagram which hopefully depicts where the DAML integration fits into the overall architecture


Hi Brian,

Thanks for clarification.It really helped and made it clear to me.