Using DA.Map for Triggers

It seems the testRule for Triggers could use the deprecated DA.Next.Map as well as the new DA.Map.

How can I leverage the new map? For example in this code: ex-cbdc/TriggerTestUtils.daml at 8c702353db82774bfbe0355e550a45d23e3dc9ee · digital-asset/ex-cbdc · GitHub if I simply remove Next it does not work.

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This has already been fixed in the latest snapshot and will be included in the 1.12 release. In those releases, if you target an LF version with support for DA.Map (i.e. LF 1.11 or later), testRule and everything else uses DA.Map in the trigger API.


Do I understand correctly that using 1.11.1 this is not the case and I cannot use DA.Map in the code I linked?

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Yes, in 1.11 you have to use DA.Next.Map.

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