Understanding the Daml Network

G-d willing

According to the explanation about participant nodes in here, it stores the portion of the ledger for the relevant parties it hosts. So in this case, what is the Daml network exactly?


i’m unsure what you are asking exactly. Where did you come across the term “Daml Network”?

The Daml Ecosystem Overview page gives a definition which boils down to it being an implementation of the Daml Ledger Model. Ie a daml driver (eg a VMware Blockchain, Daml for SQL 1.X, or Canton domain and participants).

@bernhard In the reference link above there are zero references to the term daml network.

However in the Overview reference that you posted in, there are 14 references to the term daml network, perhaps that was where @cohen.avraham was looking?

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G-d willing

@Ben_M that’s exactly what my question was all about. It is weird to me how I forgot to add it to my original question.

Do you still have a specific query relating to ‘Understanding the Daml Network’ or did the Overview page reference help solve it?